Feedback Time!

Since the beginning of the Nordic Pulse journey, user feedback has been leading our development roadmap and helping us shape our platform to best fit the specific needs of cross country ski areas.

To help us continue to improve, optimize and expand Nordic Pulse, we would love to hear your comments, feedback and ideas.

As a bit of background, our two primary goals are:

  1. help skiers find grooming information on a central platform
  2. provide a simple, efficient system for groomers and ski area staff to keep track of their grooming progress

We are interested in hearing your comments on the following:

Skier Website
Nordic Pulse Grooming
iOS & Android Apps for Groomers
Nordic Pulse App
iOS & Android Apps for skiers - in Development
Nordic Pulse Tech Support
How are we doing?

As many of you know, our Nordic Pulse Skier apps are currently in developmment and we'd love hear what you would like to see included.

Whether you're a skier, groomer, ski area staff, or anyone who's interested in what we're doing, please feel welcome to share your thoughts!